My Happy Anniversary Rant

How often do we read something to this effect, “100 years ago today I married the love of my life”? I always find that amusing, redundant, annoying and so I must share!

It’s your anniversary and you want to honor the day, honor the spouse (and by the way, this is almost always stated by the woman in the marriage, not the man). I get that, but what else are you going to say. I’m married to a jerk but I might as well make the best of it and pretend he’s the love of my life?

But come let’s reason together. Is he the love of you life because he is the one you are with? Is he the love of your life because he is your soul mate. And what does that mean exactly?

I know I’m nitpicking here. But I see this on Facebook all the time. You know, the social media form that makes most every ones lives look way more fulfilling than they really are. Hey, I’m not knocking it, I spend time on Facebook everyday. But sometimes it leaves me frustrated, amused, and embarrassed on behalf of others.

Just wondering what would happen if people got original and posted a tribute that wasn’t quite as trite as love of my life.

Just saying…

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