My Answers to 10 Holiday Question

Yesterday I posted 10 Holiday Questions and said I would give my answers today. Here they are!

1. Clear lights or colored?
We have clear lights on our tree. None outside this year!
2. Real or artificial tree?

We have an artificial tree. It stared about 24 years ago when I was taking the live tree down. I got tired of scratched-up arms. Our tree is pre-lit…gotta love that!
3. Do you like eggnog?

I don’t mind eggnog, I just don’t drink it. I save my calories for chocolate! As a kid my family served boiled custard, a southern tradition, I do believe. It is the similar to eggnog, without the spices.
4. Do/did you do Santa with your kids?

We did not do Santa with our kids. Wanted to keep the focus on The Focus; and why let a fat guy in a red suit get all the credit?!!Sometimes I regret that decision. In fact, when our youngest was 6 or 7 years old I was having one of those times of regret. I tried to convince him we were just kidding when we told him there was no Santa. He wasn’t buying.
5. Do you travel, or stay at home for Christmas?

When I was growing up Santa would visit our house early on Christmas Eve, while we were at church, and/or riding around looking at Christmas decorations. On Christmas morning we would travel eighty miles to spend the rest of the holiday with grandparents and extended family members.
6. Do you have a traditional Christmas meal? If so, what do you serve?

We always had country ham when I was growing up. My parents still do, in fact. I’m personally not a fan, so my mom cooks a beef roast as well.
7. Favorite Christmas movie?

I really like White Christmas, and Elf, and my daughter and I usually watch Christmas With the Kranks.
8. Favorite Christmas song?

I like them all, however, since they start playing them on the radio and in stores right after Thanksgiving, I tend to get a little tired of them by the time Christmas arrives!
9. Do you have a favorite childhood Christmas memory?

I like the one I mentioned above, riding around looking at Christmas lights, while waiting for Santa to visit our house. Funny how he always managed to time that just right.
10. Favorite Christmas tradition?

One that we started when our kids were young. Every year each person gets an ornament, one that represents something that occurred that year, like driving, or graduating, or playing a sport. When we return from Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, we take turns opening our ornament.

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