Musings From a Mother’s Heart

A mother's musings

I never knew being a mother could be so difficult. I guess I didn’t think it through. Maybe that’s how it’s set up, because if we thought it through, really spent time contemplating every milemarker and new experience along the way, then perhaps the human species would have died out years ago.

These are the musings from a mother’s heart.

Musings From a Mother's Heart

How could I have known that I would cry when we discovered our oldest child’s first tooth?

My SonsHow could I have known how difficult it would be to leave my children with a sitter for the very first time, or to drop them off for their first sleepover?

How could I have anticipated the pain I would feel in watching their listless bodies when they were so sick with a fever or virus, or when they had to be rushed to the hospital with a shattered nose, or dislocated shoulder?

The curve balls life throws at us can sometimes be daunting.

Musings From a Mother's Heart

I will admit the joys of being a parent far outweighs the sorrows but who knew you could suffer so much on behalf of another?

Would we still become parents if we knew about the ache that would take up temporary residence in our hearts as our children take their driver’s test, graduate from high school, move away from home?

Would we spare them if we could, of their very first broken heart, or their second or their third?

Life is full of uncertainties and challenges, as well as victories and joy. But if we knew about the pain would it change anything?

My Babies

Would I spare them, if I could, of the pain that is sure to come knocking on their doors? You bet I would!

But then again, no. For to spare them of the pain is to spare them of the joy that comes as they encounter difficult situations, overcome them and continue to grow.

Becoming a parent is full of a love so fierce it hurts, especially when your child is in pain.

I love my kids. I love them enough to allow them the room to feel, to hurt, to grow.

Even though I don’t like it, not even a little.

Musings From a Mother's Heart

Life changes quickly. Joys come and so do sorrows. They come to us all. Even our kids.

These are the musings from a mother’s heart.






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