For Now We Are Home

Moving can be such a stressful event.

For Now We Are Home

Who am I kidding? It IS a stressful event. There is no way to simplify the process, though we did things a little differently this time. We closed a month before the actual move-in date. The entire house needed painting, along with a few other things that needed to be done so we were able to move a lot of things in over a period of a few weeks. The actual move-in date went smoothly with the help of the professional movers the hubs hired, (though some Vicodin came up missing afterwards…just saying) and a few friends to get the smaller stuff. We had most of our belongings in the new house by noon. Thanks to our many helpers!

Moving Day

Friends (movers)

True friends

A special thanks to our friends who installed new toilet seats! 🙂

I’m not sure why I always think that is the biggest deal…moving all your stuff from one place to another, when in fact, the bigger deal comes in actually emptying the boxes and setting up house. It takes a village, or at least a few days. Confession time, each time we have moved there are usually a few unpacked boxes that get moved to the new house. Am I the only one?

Monday was the first “normal” day at home after living here one full week. My husband went back to work. He took a week off to wrap up some loose ends. It was normal in oh so many ways.

Call me crazy (it wouldn’t be the first time) but today I actually felt normal for the first time in three and a half years.

I remember when we left our home of 13 years back in August of 2010. I. Was. Devastated. Not just for me but for my family…my kids. I’m not going to dredge up the past (you can read about some of it here: Moving and here: Spring and What I Miss) but I gotta tell you, it just felt right as I was working around my house today. I raked leaves that haven’t been raked in at least 2 years. I planted a few bulbs among the many blooming daffodils. I hauled limbs and washed windows. I did things that one does to make a house a home. I really haven’t done that in three and a half years. I was actually excited to have a whole day at home. I haven’t felt like that in three and a half years either.

I can’t explain it. There’s just something about making a house your home, and something too when the house is yours and not one that belongs to a landlord.

It feels good. It feels right. But life is always changing. It is a balance of struggles, joys and times of transition. To expect anything different is an act of denial.

I plan to enjoy the time we are here. It may be our last move, though I have my doubts. For now though, we are home.






8 thoughts on “For Now We Are Home”

  1. Hi. I wanted to stop by as we will be meeting tomorrow at the Conference. I’m excited to attend my first. I had to laugh at the photo of your friends installing new toilet seats. I always thought we were the only ones who would do that when we moved into a new home. lol It’s fun to start fresh once all of the planning and moving is completed. Happy Home to you and your family! Congrats!

    • It was such fun meeting you Dana! (not to mention your chocolate). New toilet seats are important, don’t you think? I can’t wait to get a routine going. I want to read your blog!!!

    • Thanks, Tamara, for hanging in with me while I slowly try to find a routine! I’ve missed of few of your posts and those glorious photos! Catch up soon!

  2. YAY!!! What a BEAUTIFUL home!!! And- and I SO glad you got through the hard part of moving.. and now you are in your place settling in and making it your HOME!!! It is such an incredible blessing to have one, of your own… and I couldn’t be more happy for YOU my friend!

    The neighborhood looks glorious too! Oh Laurie- you should do a vlog with a house tour!!

    • Thanks Chris. It’s an old house…50 years old so it needs a few things but home for now! I am working on the vlog of the house. I’m so behind on EVERYTHING blog related. I haven’t read anybody’s blogs in days!!!


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