Mothers Listen

Mothers listen to the sounds of their children.

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They listen with their ears.

They listen with their hearts.

They listen to the words spoken, sometimes between gulps and breaths between sobs.

They listen to the silence.

They listen to the banter and the make-believe.

They listen to the sing-song way they talk to their stuffed animals.

They listen to the way they express their sadness, their anger, their fears.

They listen as they say their prayers.

They listen to their squeals of delight for whatever reason.

They listen to their voices blending with the songs being played.

They listen to their worries and their stress.

They listen to their voices changing into that of young adults.

Mothers listen to the joy of finding their first love.

They listen to the pain of a broken heart.

Mothers listen to the creak of the stairs, the closing of the door.

They listen to the gentle breathing as they sleep.

They listen to the words that are spoken about a special event or achievement.

They listen to their names being announced as they graduate from high school and then college.

They listen as they plan their weddings, and to life-long vows they make.

They listen to the excitement of buying their first home.

They listen especially close with the announcement of an expected child.

They listen to those voices from oh so long ago. The echos that remain forever etched in the memories.

They listen as they love.

Always love.

Mothers listen.

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