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I have a new favorite restaurant…sort of. It’s Mimi’s Café. Truthfully, I have a few favorite restaurants. I have a hobby of trying new places to eat and sharing them here in my Around Town posts.

Here’s my story of Mimi’s Café, there’s always a story.

My first time to eat at Mimi’s Café came about four years ago. A few fellow homeschooling moms decided to get together for lunch one day. Some of us had kids who graduated the past school year and we missed seeing each other once a week at the cottage school our kids attended. Mimi’s Café was the chosen destination to meet and catch up.

I was the last to join the party of 5 or 6 women and was greeted by the waitress with this question: “Have you been to Mimi’s Café before?” My fellow diners were surprised to hear I hadn’t. I was in for a treat, I was told. First time visitors get a free muffin! I’m always up for free and I remember the muffin being quite yummy and large in size.

I have been to Mimi’s Cafe a time or two since that occasion, and have always been asked the first time patron question.

Last week, on President’s day, which also happened to be a major blizzard day in our city, my husband and I decided to go to Mimi’s Café, or rather I asked him to go and told him, since he had never been before he would get a free muffin. 🙂

When we were seated and our beverage orders had been placed, I noticed our waiter had neglected to ask us if we had been to Mimi’s Café before. I decided to inform him that this was my husband’s first visit. He smiled and left to get our drinks. I thought that was weird.

Around town, places to eat, Louisville Travel Blogger, places to see in Louisville, Kentucky

When he returned with our iced teas (half sweet), I asked him if they still had the free muffin thingy for first time diners. He assured me they did. Oh great, I thought, he has this under control.

When he brought our order, we split a meal (can you say saving room for dessert?) he did not have a muffin on the tray. I was starting to get worried.

Around town, places to eat, Louisville Travel Blogger, places to see in Louisville, Kentucky

But I simply must tell you the food was very tasty. You do know I’m a burger junkie, right? I told you in my Cheddars post didn’t I? I’m not proud of this addiction, just stating the facts. As much as I wanted to try their burger, we didn’t. We ordered the French Dip sandwich instead, which was served with not only au jus, but a ranch sauce too. Well played, Mimi’s Café! But I was still holding out in hopes of a free muffin for the hubs.

When our waiter brought our dessert, Crème Brulee Cheesecake which was to die for, he was again muffin-less.

Around town, places to eat, Louisville Travel Blogger, places to see in Louisville, Kentucky

If I was thinking clearly, I would have told the waiter that we would take our muffin to go. I wasn’t. We didn’t. I see a return visit to Mimi’s Café in our future; our very near future.

I want to hear about your favorite restaurant, and burger joint!

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