Me, Philosophical?

Me, Philosophical?

I wrote these words to a  friend and she called me philosophical. Me, philosophical? I don’t know. Maybe? You be the judge.

This is what I wrote:

Life is so interesting to me. We don’t sign up for it. In fact, we have no say in the matter at all; where we will live while growing up, the parents we will have, what socio-economic system we are born into, what experiences we will have. And yet our full participation is expected, if not required. Choices are demanded of us whether consciously or by default, we choose.

The high moments and the low, and all those in between, make up our lives. I’m not sure where I am going with this. I’m not sure what to make of it all. I’m not even sure what prompted me to go down this path.

I guess though, that is one purpose of being here, discovering where we are and deciding where we want to be, in as much as we have a say in the matter.

Without belief in the All-knowing, Powerful, Merciful and Loving God I’m not sure there is a point.

Just where my head has been the past few days.

Me, philosophical? I guess so.






4 thoughts on “Me, Philosophical?”

  1. I love this! Philosophical for sure. What a mind bomb. People always say you are your own destiny, when really their are a lot of aspects to ones destiny and as you pointed out, a lot of it we don’t have control over. Great post, cant wait to read more.


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