Matters of the Heart

So many thoughts going on today from Billy Ray Cyrus to Solar Flares to Confiscation of 401ks, to banks that repo houses using the homeowner’s insurance to make claims, to getting my youngest to and from a basketball game which totaled one hour and a half driving time. All these things are matters of the heart. Does that statement make sense to you?

Billy Ray Cyrus, Solar flares, 401 grabs, kids, basketball, life, Jesus, Jesus is the answer, heart matters

Billy Ray Cyrus…who can’t feel sorry for the poor guy? He wants a do-over. We’ve all been there. Why is the writing way more legible on the wall of someone else?

Solar Flares sound like serious business. The one this week is merely a prelude to the mother of all solar flares coming to a planet near you in 2012. No wait, that date is reserved for the pending doom of planet Earth as a newly discovered planet collides with ours. Who can keep up?

The seizing of retirement accounts such as a 401k. It’s just a matter of time, title and spin.

Banks foreclosing, auctioning the house and attempting to make a claim on the ‘former home owner’s’ insurance is way too complicated to go into here. We saw so much of this during 2008 to 2010 and beyond. It was a sad event. Financial matters are always matters of the heart.

And last but not least…transporting my son and his friend to a basketball game that took so much gas, time, energy and GAS! That, my friend is love.

All the things mentioned and those that weren’t, they all belong to God. Whether financial, doom and gloom reports that abound and the time it takes to transport kids to the various events they are involved in are real. Walking with Jesus, knowing that this life is brief and living with the end in mind is the only way to make it through. Life is hard. Jesus is the answer.


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