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Sometimes I get post ideas from sermons, for instance: I Serve a God Who is Silent.  Last week in church Dave Stone started a new series entitled: This Is My Life – The Choices We Make. It resonated with me and gave me pause to ponder. He began with a quote by Tim Tebow, who recently visited Southeast. I liked this quote…a lot: “You only have so much time. Do what matters.”

Do what matters most in life

No greater statement than that, my friends, and from someone so young. I guess, however, Tim Tebow has had a lot of life experiences that has thrown him in a sink or swim situation. It’s not every college student who gets that much publicity, not even every above average athlete. Tim received extra attention, whether good or bad, because of his faith and his mother’s choice as a young woman.

Dave Stone reiterated what I know to be true, life is difficult. Oftentimes life is difficult due to the bad choices we make all by ourselves, which can hurl us down a spiraling path that is non too easy to set aright. God is in our hard choices, our bad choices. He’s just there.

But the message doesn’t stop there. This message is one of hope. If it just stopped there, then what would be the point? Like it or not we are spiritual beings. We. Just. Are. Even some die-hard atheists I know will attest to that. This life is not just about you. There is a higher power, a  power that is greater, wiser, and more forgiving than you (and me).

The next point Dave made is that God is able to get us back on course. It’s never too late, as long as there is breath within you. Sometimes it’ll cost you, this setting aright. Our choices have consequences and that will never change. Sometimes these consequences are heartbreaking and seemingly more than we can bear. Sometimes just minor inconveniences, but make no mistake, the choices we make today will determine what our tomorrow looks like.

Dave ended this topic with this last point: God will lead us with our important choices, and I might add, if we ask Him to and allow Him to. This too, is another choice we have and one that will affect how our lives turn out.

Yesterday a friend posted a status Facebook that honored the eighth anniversary of the death of her 3 1/2 year old daughter. Doing what matters everyday of our lives is a great way to conduct our lives.  We have choices. My friend still has choices concerning the death of her baby eight years ago. Every event, life situation and choice we make matters. My friend’s status carries far more weight than anything I am currently dealing with and helped me put some things into perspective…for now anyway.

Life is a series of events, situations and choices.

Do what matters.

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  1. As I get older, I think more and more about this. Have I lived my life doing what matters? I’ve made mistakes…lots of them. Can I change and try to learn this lesson? I know I can do better. I think I needed to read this. Sometimes I get caught up in a hamster wheel, doing a lot of what doesn’t matter.


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