March Madness in February

There was .8 seconds on the clock in overtime. Our team was down by two. It was our ball and we were inbounding it under our basket. Jesse passed it to my son, who was open. He popped it up and it was good! A three point shot. We won the game.

That was the most exciting moment in the entire high school basketball tournament for me, and I’m guessing for my son as well. It was the first game of the tournament for our team back in February. The next two we lost; the first by one point in overtime; and the other by a couple in regulation.

My son was on this team last year, the year the team came together. This year, even though my son is a Junior, is his last year. Being on the team is a major time commitment. He is a musician and is involved in a couple of other things. He decided basketball needed to be dropped out of his busy schedule.

I am sad, I must admit. I enjoyed watching him play. He is my youngest. Times are changing already, and have been for the last several years. This is just another nail in the coffin, so to speak.

Not trying to be morbid here. Just realizing time is short, and it goes so incredibly fast. It seems it was just a few years ago, all three of my children were being homeschooled, with days full of running this one here, and the other one there. Busy, fun times.

I am glad for the exciting changes my kids are experiencing. It is suppose to happen. It’s a good thing. But I just can’t help the feelings of sadness as I say good-bye to an era.

To watch the shot click below. (Couldn’t figure out how to embed it). Sorry! (It’s a little long…not just .8 seconds).

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  1. Oh I can imagine how you feel!! My kids are young…so the phases are different and the “end” is not even close. Your season must be bitter sweet I am sure of that! Amazing player he is!


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