Mandy…When People Go Away

Saying good-bye to Mandy Connell was what many Lousivillians were focused on this Friday morning. How can one get so caught up in the life of another without realizing it? A radio talk show personality at that?

Mandy...When People Go Away

Mandy Connell was at WHAS Radio in Louisville, Kentucky for 3 1/2 years. Today was her last day.

Mandy Connell is a conservative talk show host whose goal it is to inform citizens about what is going on politically in their city, their state, their nation and their world. She will be sorely missed by many.

Mandy Connell and her family are moving to Denver, Colorado where she will host a similar radio show for K HOW. Lucky Denver.

I wasn’t a faithful must-listen-to-the-show-everyday kind of person. I was more of a I’ll-tune-in-while-I-am-driving-to-the-next-place kind of fan. I always walked away from her show more informed, entertained and inspired.

By accident, really, I tuned into her good-bye bash that was aired and hosted by WHAS Radio last night. I heard bits and pieces about her life, including how she got started in talk radio, and she became endeared to me.

Ironically, I was in the car driving most of the morning and was able to catch her last broadcast here in our city. I listened as caller after caller phoned in to wish her well and tell her how much they will miss her. Some told her they will continue to listen via iheart radio, while others promised to stop in and visit if they ever found themselves in Denver. She pledged to return to Louisville in May for the Kentucky Derby.

I heard her final words as she tearfully bid farewell to the studio she had come to love and her audience alike.

And then she was gone.

Oh sure, now I follow her on Twitter. I Liked her on Facebook, and found her blog. I will keep up with her via social media, but I am puzzled. How did this happen? How did I become emotionally tied into the life of someone I don’t know and who I most likely will never meet?

Perhaps it has something to do with a friend who watched her dad quietly slip from this life just yesterday to his final home, where he will spend eternity with his Heavenly Father and those who have gone before,

Perhaps the sadness I feel for that family somehow ties in with the departing of Mandy from WHAS Radio….the loss we humans feel when life changes and people we love leave.

Human nature and all the emotions that are apart of who we are is a funny thing indeed.

I feel deeply for the loss this family has incurred, and will continue to pray for them as they learn to live without him. There is nothing that compares to a final farewell to a loved one.

I will think of those too who will miss this talk radio host named Mandy Connell, and join them in wishing her the very best Denver has to offer her and her family.

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