Making Ornaments

I am recycling another Christmas post. I loved making these ornaments two years ago.

I have been making ornaments. A lot of ornaments! I found this simple idea on Too Much Time On My Hands blog ( one of my fav blogs!), and I have become an ornament-making machine!

First I bought some clear glass ball ornaments. Sorry about the blur!

That’s when the fun began!


I went to Half Price Books and bought an old music book, Mozart, as a matter of fact. I cut the sheet music into strips and put them into the glass ball. I bought some lace at a fabric store, added some twine, fired up the hot glue gun and this is the result.


Then I spotted another ornament idea on another blog: Under The Table (another fav blog!). First I used about one tablespoon of Pledge Floor Care. I used a funnel to pour it in and gently swished it around to cover all the interior surfaces. No shaking…that causes bubbles. I then used another funnel to pour Martha Stewart glitter into the ornament. I swished that around until the glitter stuck to the entire ornament. I tied some ribbon to hang from the tree and here it is!


I added a bow to the sheet music ornament instead of lace to create a different look.


Another glitter ornament.


And I added a few snowflake cling thingies to this one. The possibilities are endless!


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