Love this From The Memory Art

I love this post, I just do. I love the words so much that I had to share them with you. This post was taken from The Memory Art. You should click over and read it there. Her pictures kind of make the post.

Women's Devotional

The past few months have been stormy.

In some ways the most challenging of his life thus far.
It’s been hard to watch the down moments.
No mama likes watching the hard stuff.
He’s had to dig down deep,
find some determination
and push through
the muck.
As we celebrate him today
{and tomorrow…even his party got pushed around by a storm!}
I will remember the boy as I hug the young man.
I will wish that his next year be more carefree
and that the storms around him subside.
That’s what I’ll wish as he blows out his candles.
While I’m wishing,
I will also be praying that lessons be well learned
and that character will be well formed.
Cause that’s what mama love does.
It wishes for the magic to take away all the muck…
and prays for the muck to work all its magic.
One thing’s for sure.
In or out of the muck,
I love this boy.
Is it because I’m a mother? Of  boys?

8 thoughts on “Love this From The Memory Art”

  1. “I will remember the boy as I hug the young man”… This made me tear up. I have two boys and I just can’t imagine that there will be a day when they are bigger than me. I’m trying to enjoy every minute of them while they’re still small and cuddly!


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