Love is Like Learning How to Dance




I once wrote a post called Just Dance. I recently read a passage in The Mistletoe Inn by Richard Paul Evans that reminded me of my post.
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Here are the words he wrote: “Love is like learning how to dance. When you first hear the music, you’re full of passion and you don’t care who’s watching because you just want to fling yourself around like an idiot. It’s clumsy and it’s full of missteps and falls and sometimes you’re not even dancing to the same tune, but you don’t notice because you’re so carried away by the music.”

The words from The Mistletoe Inn continued:

“But then the music begins to wane, and you start stepping on each other’s toes. Some think that’s the truth of the relationship and run. But the truth is, that’s where true love begins. That’s when you start to learn each other’s rhythm and how to move together. And if you stick with it long enough, you might even learn to be graceful.”

We’ve all seen those couples who have been married forever and still seem to enjoy each other’s company, and we perhaps look on with a bit of envy, because we imagine that they have been that way all their married lives.

Learning to dance is a process. So is learning to be in a relationship.

Not every couple is a fit, no matter how long they have been dancing. Some people may keep on dancing, hoping and praying that their steps will one day begin to compliment each other. And oftentimes that is the case.

Other couples, however, dance and dance until there is no longer any music left to hear, no matter how hard they try. They each decide, or sometimes just one partner, to dance alone for awhile, in hopes that they will grow in their knowledge and skill of dancing and one day find a new dance partner more suited to the music of their life.

The point is, it takes work and effort to learn to dance. It takes commitment to stay in the dance. But without love and a sense of partnership, the dance will never be graceful.

Love is like learning how to dance in many ways.

I hope you dance, and enjoy the music.


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