Louisville Kentucky Home of the Kentucky Derby

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby. I think I may have been born in the wrong place.

I have never been to the Kentucky Derby, nor have I been to the Oaks, the big race the day before the Derby. The Oaks is almost as big of an event as the Derby itself these days. Public schools are our for the day and everything.

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I always thought I would go one day but I’ve been holding our for Millionaires’ Row and that just hasn’t happened yet. The Kentucky Derby is a really big deal in these parts, a REALLY BIG DEAL.

Kentucky Derby

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I feel alone in my aloofness for the Derby, and yet I know I’m not. The whole one day affair has turned into an nearly month long extravaganza, with one event after another.

It all kicks off with Thunder Over Louisville three weeks before the Derby, the biggest, most spectacular fireworks display in North America. I must admit, I have attended that on several occasions. 800,000 people all on the waterfront in downtown Louisville. It’s a must-see at least once.

I’ve not been to the marathon, or the Chow Wagon. I have been to the steamboat race and the Pegasus Parade.

Truthfully, I could live without it all but when you live in this town, you feel like you’re missing out if you’re not all about the Kentucky Derby and the events leading up to the Run for the Roses, and who wants to feel like they’re missing out anyway?

Tomorrow it comes to an end…until next April.

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  1. My sister went this year… with her boyfriend and they had a blast!! I felt the same way you do when I lived in Chicago… every time something BIG was happening in the city, I always felt like I was missing something – and felt weird for not wanting to go. That sky is GORGEOUS. And hey- you saw the fireworks, and that’s all that counts!! That’s probably what I would go see too… just that. 😉

    • That is so cool that your sister was here! I would hate living in Chicago because I would ALWAYS feel like I’m missing something. The fireworks show is most spectacular.


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