Louisville Bats Baseball

On June 23rd, my olderĀ brother (I never let him forget he’s older) got the privilege of throwing a pitch before The Louisville Bats baseball team began the regular game. Although I wasn’t able to attend, he and I exchanged a few texts before the big event.

Me: Have fun with the first pitch. Wish I could be there.

Rick: Could be interesting.

Me: You’ll do great. Just don’t choke under pressure. šŸ™‚ Text me afterwards and let me know you got it over the plate. Don’t embarrass the family. Make sure you at least get it over the plate!!!

Rick: Will do.

The night of the game was here. I knew the time of the game orĀ around about, so when I hadn’t heard from him in what I considered to be a timely fashion – surely he knew I was waiting with baited breath to see how he had done, and I knew for sure he was only thinking of finding a quiet moment to let me know he got it over the plateĀ – I finally caved and sent him a text.

Me: Well???

Rick: Came up short.

Me: Not over the plate? Dang.

Rick: Wasn’t too bad. Low and in the dirt. I was going for a strike.

All in all, short or not, an impressive move in my book. My brother (he’s older) had the honor of throwing a pitchĀ before a minor league Louisville Bats baseball game.


Beyond My Blue Door

Strike that off his bucket list (no pun intended). I might add that to mine!

Way to go big brother!

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