Losing Someone You Love

Losing someone you love is a topic most of us can relate to. When talking about losing someone you love, we’re not just talking about death. Most certainly death is one of the ways we experience loss, but the falling apart of a relationship is another form of loss, whether by divorce or a breakup of any kind.

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Suicide is another form of loss and one that is difficult to talk about. I had Ganel Lyn-Condie as a guest on my podcast, Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Planned a few months ago. She spoke of the suicide of her sister. You can listen here.

Suicide is a hard but necessary topic to discuss because losing someone you love to suicide is happening at a higher rate than ever before. We need to be open to talking about this devasting life loss. I get that it’s hard, talking about death in general but when it comes to suicide there is another layer to the grieving process.

What I love about my discussion with Ganel-Lyn is what she has chosen to do with losing someone you love. She has chosen to honor the memory of her sister and the life she lived and struggled with by talking openly about suicide. She continues to write and talk about the things that surround suicide, hoping to make a difference in the choice of someone who is contemplating suicide and helping those who are survivors of suicide feel less alone.

Losing someone you love changes who we are. There are reminders and milestones that stay even if the person you love is long gone.

The fourth anniversary of my dad’s death is a few days away. I have mentally marked the day of his devasting stroke, and the following day when the doctors told us there was no hope of recovery, and our decision to honor his living will and take him off life support. I will remember the last minutes of my dad’s earthly journey on that day as well because that’s what we do when losing someone you love.

The holidays serve to remind us that losing someone you love is life-altering as we gather together and notice the empty places around our tables.

I wish you peace as you navigate not just the holidays but in the new year too. Losing someone you love is a process. Journey well, my friends, journey will.

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