Look and See

I am participating in this new thing called 5 minute friday. I know, I know, I just started Family, Faith, and Friends Friday, but this seems so cool. I will move my FF&F to a day that doesn’t start with F. Just saying…

Okay here goes. Look…

I look in your face and I see you unshed tears.
I hear your story, and see your pain.
I see how you are trying so hard to keep it all together, to do the right thing.
I admire the strength and determination I hear in your voice.
Look up.
Look inward.
Do you see it?
Do you feel it?
Do you see how he is waiting?
His arms are there, open and welcoming.
He sees exactly what you see, and more. Oh so much more.
The story as it’s being played out.
Your faithfulness to do the right thing, the good thing.
But maybe, the thing you think is right, isn’t his best.
Do you see another way?
Can you let it go?
Not do what you think is right?
Trust yourself enough to let go?
No worries.
No trying to figure it all out first.
Just open your eyes.
Open your heart.
And look.


6 thoughts on “Look and See”

  1. You couldn’t be speaking directly to my heart any more than what you just did! Very touching. Genuine. Heartfelt.

    I’m glad you’ve joined the 5MF family!


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