Longest Ride

I recently finished the book The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. As a rule I’m not a Sparks fan. Someone always dies…someone who isn’t supposed to…too young, too sudden…you get the point think… A Walk to Remember…hate that book/movie!

Just so we’re clear here, just because I hate them doesn’t mean I don’t read them. I do.

This book was different! I liked it a lot. The story lines were beautifully interwoven and left me wondering how someone comes up with that kind of story, and why can’t I do that? 🙂

Looking for a good read? I highly recommend The Longest Ride.

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2 thoughts on “Longest Ride”

  1. Found you via SITS and just have to comment on this, I’m SO glad I’m not the only one that has a love/hate for Sparks. Really? Can’t he write one book without a death in it? At least in movies, I can usually end them 10 minutes early so it has a happy ending still but you can’t do that with a book. Or at least not the first time you read it.


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