I wrote this post in December 2019, before the world went crazy. My life was rocked and lingering became a thing. I wanted to share it again though I added to it.

It seems that I am in a time of lingering. I guess life has many moments where we wait for something to take place. This lingering spot is new to me. Last week my dad teetered between life and death. There was a lot of watching; a lot of time spent in the hospital…lingering.

And now he’s gone.

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Have you been there? It seems the last two years many of us have been in this place of lingering.

We await the visitation and funeral which will happen after Christmas.

Lingering still…

Going through Christmas gatherings is a means to get to the good-bye days we will experience with this man we hold so dear in our hearts, as we hover between the two, lingering between Christmas and funeral.

There is little excitement for Christmas this year. It’s more like something to get past so we can say our formal good-byes to my dad. We each said our final good-bye while he was still with us, in body anyway.

This lingering is a foreshadow of sorts. We are all lingering in a common way. We are all growing older, and one day it will be my kids who feel what I’m feeling now. But here’s the thing, that’s the way it was designed before the first man took his first breath.

God knew~

I’m not saying that I understand it all. Not even close. I AM saying that I don’t always like it. But I know that my dad believed with all his heart and soul that he would spend eternity with our Father and His Son, Jesus. I am my father’s daughter. I believe so too.

That is the hope that I hold onto, that not only will I see my dad and all my loved ones who have passed, but I will live with them forever. And this life that has way too many pains and sorrows for my taste, will be over.

I know the One Who gives life. I hope while you’re lingering here on earth, you will live your life with the end in mind and come to know the Father too, through a relationship with Jesus, His Son.

It has become so clear over the last two years of the coronavirus, that we don’t know what lies ahead. We don’t know how much time we have here. We don’t know how any sickness or disease will hit us or how it will leave us. Life is unpredictable and becoming more so every day it seems. Things you could count on have changed. That’s why we need each other, and we need a Savior.

The good news is we have One! His name is Jesus. If you don’t know Him or have never heard the plan God has for your life, find out. It will be the most important thing you can do for you and your family and the legacy you leave.

I am an ordained minister. I would be honored to talk with you.


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