Like a Girl

Have you seen the Always™ commercial? The one about being like a girl? I just saw it for the first time today. I liked it.

A lot.

What does doing something “Like a girl” mean to you?

life, living authentically

I get that “Like a girl” was supposed to have negative connotations in the beginning of the commercial. The people were being silly, over-the-top, goofy-girlie.

But here’s the deal.

I am a girl.

I love like a girl.

I work like a girl.

I mother like a girl.

I wife like a girl.

I walk like a girl and talk like a girl.

I laugh and cry like a girl.

I run like a girl, throw a ball like a girl, and hit like a girl.

I sing like a girl, think like a girl, cook like a girl and clean like a girl.

I mow the grass like a girl, drive a car like a girl and travel like a girl.

I am a loyal like a girl, trustworthy like a girl and I encourage just like a girl.

I share my heart like a girl, listen like a girl and show compassion like a girl.

I smile like a girl and am kind like a girl.

I best friend like a girl.

I adult like a girl.

I create like a girl, shop like a girl and cuddle up with a good book like a girl.

I play sports like a girl.

I love like a girl because I am a girl.

I have your back like a girl.

I live from a strong, courageous part of my heart just like a girl.

Because being a girl is an amazing thing, not a secondary citizenship.

We are girls. We are in this to together like girls, and to do anything like a girl is to show the world who we really are.

Live life fully, like a girl.

Engage with others like a girl.

Embrace the journey.

Just like a girl.

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