Life Throws a Curve Ball

If you have lived any amount of time at all, you know firsthand that life can and will throw you a curve ball every now and again.

I am very aware of this, and have been for quite some time, however, after reading over another post from a few years back, it looks like I can forget that sometimes. I give you my post from 2011: College Anyone?

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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Okay, a lot of times. And that works. As curve balls are a necessary part of the game of baseball, so are they in the game of life. I was thrown one recently. Or maybe I should say I was thrown another one. This one, however, was not unpleasant.

I may have mentioned I have three kids. I also may have mentioned that we home school. Two of my kids have graduated. Neither had plans to attend college. That changed in the last couple of weeks. That is the curve ball. That is a good curve ball. But it caught me unaware.

High school transcripts, scholarships, grants, ACT scores…all of these things weren’t a part of my vocabulary, not in a couple of decades or three, but they quickly became a part of my life.

I kept decent records of classes taken whether at home or at a cottage school so it was just a matter of assembling it all together to put into a transcript. Who knew there were so many transcript templates when you Googled the word? Which I did. And the transcript actually turned out looking official and coherent. Even to the counselor we met with. I actually felt like I had passed an exam!

We missed the chance at the school’s scholarships by oh six to eight months but we did make the FAFSA deadline by a mere two days. The next step is the “Residual ACT” whatever that means…the residual part. But that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my son who is determinedly cramming for the test.

As for my youngest child, he has been doing a lot of research on becoming a pilot. God only knows how we are going to accomplish that. But I guess as long as God knows, we’re in good hands.

It’s hard to imagine that my son, the one going to college, will be graduating in May. All went well with him.

gratitude, relationships, life coach, authentic you, true intimacy

The youngest, the one who spoke of being a pilot, has taken a different path. He is scheduled to move to Europe for a two year stint in the next year or so.

Life has a way of throwing curve balls.

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