Thoughts on Life

Here are a few thoughts on life. You were not put on this earth for mediocrity, I recently read, you were put on this earth to achieve your destiny. I’m not a destiny/fate kind of person. I generally subscribe to the belief that the decisions you make shape the outcome of your life more so than destiny and fate, but I get the point. I agree that God has given us the power to achieve great heights, the power to make a difference in the world, and the power to realize our dreams.

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In order to realize your dreams, however, you must first have dreams. You must know what your dreams are. You must spend time…dreaming. And then, of course, write it down. I am just now beginning to understand the importance of writing it down.

Life is a decision. I know this is true. Perhaps a series of decisions is a better way of putting it. Deciding daily to live a good life, do the right thing, go the extra mile.

“Life gives to those deserving, not necessarily to those in need. This is the law of sowing and reaping. In order to harvest a crop you must first sow the seeds”.  (Source Jim Rohn) In my humanness that sometimes seems unfair, but who am I to argue with the laws of nature set in motion, thousands of years ago?

For now I will continue heading in the right direction for my life and in so-doing, will eventually arrive at the place I am deciding, dreaming and deserving to be.

I first published this post on January 20, 2011. Our family was going through a period of adjustment. Sometimes it seems life is a period of adjustment. I’m not okay with that most of the time. I don’t mind change or adjustment as a general rule except when it involves the people I love.

I am presently in another adjustment period. I’m not sure how long this one will last or what the outcome will be exactly. No one of my favorite things either. I’m learning to have faith that I don’t have to know my future.

Here’s wishing you joy and contentment as you ride the waves of life.

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