Life Sucks But God Is Good

Life sucks but God is good. There, I said it. Out loud even. I’ve wanted to say it for a while now. I’ve needed to say it but didn’t want to give the wrong impression. I didn’t want to evoke pity or even sympathy. I understand there are people with way worse situations than my own. I know a few people personally. That’s not the point.

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This past year’s been tough. Not gonna lie. Life sucks but God is good. I haven’t been the most pleasant person to live with…just ask my family. I’m finding my way back to life, back to love, back to God…slowly but surely.

I still have questions and all the what-ifs...I’m guessing I always will. I still have regrets and guilt. I’m guessing that will be with me for a long time too. But maybe, just maybe I caught a glimpse, a sliver of light at the end of a long, dark tunnel, and better still, a thawing of my frozen soul, suspended in limbo as healing begins in my soul, even though still life sucks but God is good.

And just in case you’re wondering this all came about because of losing my home but it morphed into something way bigger than losing my home. Way more personal than earthy treasures. More about who I am and what I believe.

Life sucks but God is bigger coexisting as I sort through the rubble of my past life, picking up each piece, weighing it against what I know to be true about the God of the universe.

Perhaps a better title to this post would have been Life Sometimes Sucks But God Is DefinitelyĀ Good.

If you can relate to this post, then you are my people. I’m might be yours too.

Let’s connect.

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