Life Plans

I’ve spent a few years on this earth. Several decades, in fact. You learn a thing or two along the way. What happens when life doesn’t turn out the way you plan?

I guess we all must come to terms with that question in some form or other. We all have disappointments.[Tweet ” Life has a way of teaching us things we never intended to learn.”]

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A family comes to mind who lost their beloved youngest son. He was a person who lived his 18 years to the fullest, with intent and purpose.

Life definitely didn’t turn out the way this family planned.

Dylan’s family just had the honor of being a part of a school recital, an end of the year event. The orchestra, the very one their son was apart of during his high school years, saved a chair for Dylan. No one else was allowed to sit in this chair. It seems the freshman class were now seniors, the same class as Dylan when he died suddenly in a Motocross accident. He left a mark on them all and they wanted to honor his memory.

His legacy lives on in the hearts and actions of many, and a piece of that legacy was given back to Dylan’s family as the orchestra gave Dylan’s chair to them, to cherish for as long as they want.

Sometimes life has a way of not turning out the way we plan. Life is a bittersweet event.

Oh, there are joyful surprises along the way as well. The good mixed in with the bad. But sometimes the unspeakable happens leaving devastation in its wake.

This is one such story.

What about you, my friend? Has life turned out the way YOU planned?


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