Life Is Interesting

Life is interesting. Isn’t life interesting? Sometimes it is…

Today I had my hair done. Yep, it was time for my every-six-weeks trip to cover the gray. It was interesting today. I saw a lady there that I haven’t seen since last December, at the funeral of a mutual friend.

This lady is a survivor of breast cancer. She starts another round of chemo tomorrow. She said it keeps coming back. She was upbeat about it all. She likes to think positive. She prays. She even made a crack or two about how her hair was finally long enough to cut from the last round of chemo, and soon it would be falling out again. She was very particular in how she wanted it cut today. That was intriguing to me. We humans, we women, are basic in nature. I wish this dear lady the best, and will say a prayer or two myself, on her behalf.

Following the trip to the the salon, was a stop by the gym. The basketball home court gym that is. My son had another scrimmage. Oh the joy! Not because I didn’t want to see him play. I did. He played well today. But I had to go alone to face “the friends” (you know, the ones from previous posts). No whine and cheese this time. No, not for me. I manned up, even though I had to go it alone. No husband to tag along, no daughter, no mother, not even my young nieces. Life is interesting indeed.

One these two friends who I have posted about apologized to me. She did. That takes a little bit of gumption and a huge hunk of integrity. I was touched by her sincerity. She was touched as well when I told her I had missed her too. She said she would call me. The other “friend”. Eh, not so much. Some things never change.

While I was there at the gym, watching this coming-together team my son is a part of play a little ball, the husband of the cancer survivor came to watch the game too. He has had heart issues for years. He says his wife is doing well compared to him, but he is hanging in there. Not sure how they do it.

We had to take one of our cars to the shop this afternoon. It is in need of repair. Nothing that throwing a little cash at won’t fix. We borrowed my parent’s truck to help get everyone where they need to go tomorrow. An easy fix in the grand scheme of things.

I had to turn down a trip with a friend to New Orleans next weekend. Our band has a concert on Sunday. How fun it would have been to tag along. How thoughtful of her to invite me. I wonder if I can call in sick to the concert…

These things don’t really tie together. I have no profound statement to neatly wrap this post up. Life happened today, just like it does every day.

And that is a good thing.

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