Life is an Experiment

This was my very first blog post, published on June 19, 2009. I’m not even sure if anyone read it! I decided to add a pic and republish today in honor of blogging for four years…a few months late.


Life is an experiment.

I’ve been saying that a lot lately.

About everything.

Why are we so afraid to fail?

Why are we so afraid to let go, to hear the word, “No”?

Why do we so desperately cling to what little we have, hoping it will multiply, when in reality the only way for that to happen is by letting go.

Small minds thinking tiny thoughts produce just that.

Life’s an experiment, all of it.

You only get one shot at it, but it is better to have tried and failed than to drift along on the sea of what ifs.

What ifs only matter if you learn from them and take a chance because of them.

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