Life is a Lesson

Letters to Daughters

Letter 14

My Dearest Daughters,

Time stands still for no one. What a difference a day makes. Things can change in an instance. All cliché remarks, but all so thoroughly true.

I find myself in a time of reflection these pasts few days and wondering, always wondering…

I should have…

I could have…

What if I had just done___?

Would it have mattered if I would have___?

How did I get here?

What steps needed to be taken that I didn’t take?

All very good questions and thoughts. And perhaps they all ring with a bit of truth. But in the aftermath of what brought me to that place of questioning and wondering, always wondering, it matters not.

I am reminded that every event and life situation shapes us into the people we are today, and tomorrow’s events will do the same, whether we choose them or not, I suppose, but perhaps we are always choosing even when we aren’t. Perhaps things were set into motion so long ago that the only forgone conclusion is the one in which you find yourself at the time of questioning and wondering.

Questions and wondering aren’t a bad thing in and of themselves, and serve a purpose if you allow. The regrets – and we all have them – must eventually be let go as well.

I’m learning that lesson the hard way, over and over with each new day and life event. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks they say. I’m living proof that is false. This old dog is still in school and if I’m lucky…really lucky, I will be until I take my last breath.

I wish the same for you, my dearest daughters.




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