Life Equals Loss


Life equals loss…it does, truly. Everything that happens in life comes with loss. Even happy events;

  • buying a new car,
  • moving to a bigger, better house,
  • Even having a baby

It All Equals Loss

Some say it stems from the days of Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden. That was a huge loss to the creation that God intended, and the cycle of life began. Ringing in the new means saying good-bye to the old. And sometimes saying good-bye is a terribly hard thing to do, which circles back to life=loss.

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I replaced my minivan a couple of years ago. I loved that van. We bought it used, but it was nice. It had all the bells and whistles. The only problem was, besides the fact that it had over 200,000 miles on it, is that we put 4 transmissions in it. It was not a dependable ride, and when you’re a mom with young kids, you need a dependable ride.

The CRV we bought to replace it was my first Honda experience and it was nice beyond words. It was brand spanking new, new car smell included. But there was a loss in bidding farewell to that old van. It took my family on many adventures, and hauled a lot of people to school and extra curricular activities.

Life equals loss.

If it seems as if I have written about loss a lot lately, well, that’s because I am experiencing so much of it. And if the truth be told, we continue to experience loss throughout life, which is what this post is about.

The current loss at the time of this writing is the impending death of my beloved uncle. Cancer has taken it’s toll and he is now in the Hospice wing of the hospital. Life and loss are inevitable, blending together as life ebbs into the loss that those who love him will surely experience. Life and loss slowly marches on in the lives of each of us.

Death is as much a part of life as birth, and all that falls in between. And as painful as it may be for the one whose life is ending, and the dear ones who await for the passing, so lovingly, perhaps that is the most important event of all, that step from life on Earth into life eternal.

In that moment, the equation changes to not only Life=loss, but life=gain… for the one who has entered into rest of the Father.

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