Life Changes

The blogging world is so interesting and intriguing to me. I love when I stumble upon a blog that speaks to me when I read the many posts. There are quite a few, amid the sea of those who are doing product reviews, passing along coupons, sales and tips on how to save money. The mom cafe is one such blog. I always walk (click) away from her blog with a tidbit to ponder. I love all the mom blogs, but I’m in a different place.

Life changes so quickly. I was thinking along these lines today as I was cleaning an office. I am an old person among my fellow bloggers. There aren’t many out there like me. Most are moms who want to be home with their young kids and are finding ways to make money to accomplish that desire. I admire them for doing so.

I smile as I read the many creative ideas about things to do with your kids, things to keep them occupied so the mother can get things done; things to entertain them over the summer break. I smile because I know that all too soon this mom’s life will change and she won’t know where the time went either.

I read something on Facebook last week. I “Shared” it on my timeline so I could go back and read it again. It was written by a dad of young children, lamenting the fact that parents of kids who are grown, or almost anyway, are always telling him to enjoy the time while he can (click to read). He was frustrated from lack of sleep and alone time for himself and with his wife. He asked us parents of grown kids To Let Him Be the One to Say it Out Loud . I get where he was coming from, I really do but…

I noticed a lot of young parents “Liked” the link. They could identify I’m sure, with what this dad was saying.

I shake my head and smile, because in my heart of hearts I know that in a matter of minutes (or so it will seem) this dad of young kids will soon be in the same boat as I am, wondering how it all passed so quickly.

Life changes. It’s supposed to I know. It changes for us all no matter how hard we try to hold on. This I know to be true; we must each come to terms with what we will do when it changes all on our own. No one can help us see until the time in now.

The other day I posted a status on Facebook. I said something to the effect that they should give you a heads up at the hospital when you have a baby. They should give you a piece of paper stating: Warning! The next 18 years will fly by. A friend commented and said the new parents wouldn’t believe it if they did. She’s right, they wouldn’t, or maybe they can’t.

I guess that’s how it’s set up. If you knew in advance what you learn along the way then what would be the point?

6 thoughts on “Life Changes”

  1. My kids are still little but oh do I know it!! I regret being away from them for seconds, even those times when I dash to the store alone because i really really need a break. Yes, I can take them along and they will want everything and sing in the aisles and one will probably end up doing something where I scold her, but still. I might miss them singing “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I DO” all the way down the grocery aisle at the top of their lungs, and THAT makes it all worth it. THANKs for posting!

  2. Oh so true!!! My own son recently had twin sons of his own. First of all, how did that happen? How is he old enough to be a dad? Seems he was just playing little league! It takes all my self control to keep from constantly reminding him to enjoy every minute. But it seems like he kind of gets it and even in his state of constant sleep deprivation he tries.


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