Legacy Of A Father

I first published this on my other blog Not A Perfect Life almost three years ago. I wanted to share it here and add some things along the way. Life is hard in our world these days. What are we passing on to the younger generation, I can’t help but wonder. Sure, some things are better because if we don’t learn from our mistakes, then what’s the point? Here’s the thing, we are all leaving a legacy. The question is, what legacy are we leaving?

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The post;

The last two weeks have been hard. Especially the week before Christmas, sitting in a hospital room in the ICU, waiting for my dad to leave this world. That was hard stuff as I’m sure a lot of you get because of your own experiences, but I started thinking about the legacy of a father during that time of waiting. I am fortunate to say my dad left a good one.

My dad was a unique and special man who lived his life well.

I have always known my dad was a good man but the full picture became clearer to me that week in the hospital. Stringing together his life and how he chose to live underlined for me the beauty of who my dad was.

He took good care of my mom and loved her so well. His love for his family, immediate and extended was something I watched my entire life, though I’m pretty sure I wasn’t aware of it. Do you know the saying, “Preach the gospel and sometimes use words“? I think the same can be said for parenting and leaving a legacy. Teach your kids to live honorable lives of integrity, and sometimes use words.

That’s what my dad did. He was an amazing grandfather. My kids, and all of his grandchildren, knew they were loved by my dad. Not because he did anything special, but simply because he always went out of his way to spend time playing, coloring and talking with them when they were around, whatever their age merited.

I listened to all the kind words people said about my dad at the visitation and funeral. I felt special to have had such a man for my dad. My dad left a legacy of a father full of love for family, and a life of faith, integrity, honesty, and loyalty.

That’s when it hit me…not only did I have a rich heritage lived out before my eyes when it came to my earthly father, but I . I am also the daughter of the Most High King and that legacy is eternal. A legacy from the Father through Jesus Christ His Son, the most important legacy of them all.

The goodness of my earthly father doesn’t hold a candle to my heavenly Father. My earthly dad is gone from this world. I will see him again one day, but my heavenly Father, well He is always with me. He promised each of us that He would never leave us alone.

I find great comfort in that promise. This is a crazy, jacked-up world. Anything can happen to anyone of us at any time and just like that, our time on earth will come to an end. It will you know. We’ve all been given a number of days that don’t even compare to the life after this one.

Two great legacies that I am honored to be a recipient of, but none as great as the eternal love of the Father above. For you and for me.

I know some of you reading this don’t know the love of an earthly dad because of addition, dysfunction or merely because he is otherwise occupied with other things. Some of you don’t even know your dad at all. For that I am sorry. God will be your Father though, if you let Him.

May 2023 be a year where you live intentionally in all that you do and love fully in all the special relationships in your lives. Most importantly, may you experience personally the love of the Father and find meaning and purpose through His Son Jesus.


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