Cherish the Simple Things

Letter Nine

My Dearest Daughters,


Simple Things are to be cherished


“Simple things, I confess I took them for granted and even neglected their importance”.

It is the simple things in life that we take for granted. How can we not? We are humans, after all, and that is what we as humans do.

“How can I be sitting at the feet of one who has passed from this world and learning so very much from her”? The essence of life, my dearest daughters, is to pass on what we learn along the way.

I can tell you this, as I am sure you have already encountered, so many of the lessons we learn in this life, we do so in pain and hard times. Persevere, my dearest daughters. Hold fast. Weeping lasts through the night but joy comes in the morning. Some nights are very long, very long indeed. By holding on for dear life, and taking a step of faith you are then able to take a risk and in so doing, see the world from a whole new perspective.

Tis not an easy journey, this path I’ve walked but had it have been easy I would not have come to this place of knowing that behind every dark and lonely place is a haven of peace that is beyond my comprehension. People endure such atrocities; they overcome life events that should never have to been endured and yet they not only endure but come out on the other side all the better for having gone through it.

This is a great mystery to me, my dearest daughters. Does our Heavenly Father have such faith in our willingness to trust Him in our desperate times of need that He allows these things to occur? I’ve never thought that way before, and I do still believe the secret things belong to God, but I’m starting to see, really see that He must be involved in the happenings because He does know what will occur.

I must admit, my dearest daughters, that though I have come through many trials, and have learned much because of them, there are so very many things I still do not know. I am a believer now in the more I learn the less I know theory.

And perhaps that’s for the best.



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  1. What a powerful and perfect letter, my friend. I love how you threaded scripture through your words, and your wisdom and honesty are inspiring… May your sweet daughters truly understand and learn to trust the unseen… and His mighty Plan that is beyond our life here on earth.


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