Last Day in Florida

On Monday, my last day in Florida, I received a text from my husband telling me that our 21 year old had his shoulder come out of it’s socket and pop back in after 5-15 minutes (depends on who is telling the story).

This has happened a few times in his life when he was a teen. Two times the shoulder went back into place almost immediately. The third time? Not so much. In fact, we had to take him to the ER where we sat for three hours (of course) before they put him out for about one minute to put in back where it belonged. Click to read. A follow-up visit with a doctor and we learned he needed surgery so they could put some hardware in there to hold the joint where it is supposed to be.

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Fast forward three years later and the news threw me for a loop. The doc had told us Jacob was “loose-jointed” and once it had popped out, it was susceptible to it happening again. The surgical procedure was to help insure that the chances of this happening were minimized. He said he over compensated and made the “screw” extra tight to allow a little loosing up.

In my mental state of being quite tired from the drive Friday, sleeping somewhere besides my own bed, and just being away, I had a melt down, albeit a small one, after I heard the news. It’s hard being away from home when you learn your child is in pain.

I immediately wanted to head home but after my husband told me it was under control, and thinking the whole driving process through, I decided it was better to stick to the travel plans I had already made. I did end up leaving 40 minutes earlier than originally scheduled because I woke up at 4;30 and couldn’t go back to sleep.

The doctor’s visit went well and Jacob will start physical therapy this week and we’ll go from there. One day at a time is always the best policy, even on my last day in Florida.

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