Kate Middleton and the Royal Family

I read a great blog post today. I got it from a fellow blogger on Facebook. Women Abiding is her site. She was reposting as well. The post started out like this:

Dear Kate,

I’ve always liked you.

From the moment you stepped onto Canada’s turf and laughed with your whole face and held the hearts of our people, I’ve liked you.

But never more than this past week when you emerged from the hospital with a brand-new son in your arms. You radiated love and life and I thought you’d never looked more beautiful.

To read the rest, and I encourage you to do so click here.

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I just so happened to be sitting in a little country diner when the Royal Family was getting ready to leave the hospital. There was a television attached to the wall, tuned to Fox News. For forty-five minutes the cameras were focused on the doors of the hospital. The volume was low so I couldn’t hear all the commentary going on as we waited with baited breath, for the doors to open so we could catch a first glimpse of the most famous new parents who walk the planet.

Really? Hospital doors for forty-five minutes?

It was a joyful occasion, I do admit. But a news Alert?

I guess I should be happy that it was good news and not a horrid rampage and killing of innocent people.

That’s not what the post is about. I just needed to add my two cents.

I agree with the post above.

4 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and the Royal Family”

  1. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog, Laurie! What an honor! 🙂

    I just loved this post that Emily Wierenga wrote, too! Just was so honest, encouraging, and comforting for us women who struggle with our bodies because of the message that the world gives us…

    God bless you, friend.

    • I loved what she wrote too. It is full of truths that I wish we would as a society would grasp. Thanks for sharing that link on Facebook.

  2. Yeah… I will have to look at that post! It’s so funny how the world stops for the royals… but I do suppose it’s all about focusing on something and someone else’s life that radiates ‘royalty’ as so many souls are far from it!

    I do love that Kate is so natural and beautifully poised with a quiet humility that shows genuineness. At least people are focusing on her instead of say, Kim Kardashian. I don’t even know how you spell that! Don’t follow. 😉


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