Just Dance

I once read that God dances. It was just the opinion of someone I was reading, but I can see it in my mind’s eye. I like the thought of it. If life is a dance, we should just dance.

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Life is like a dance with various steps and movements. At times it is a fast-paced, bouncing and jumping to the beat of the tune as the intensity of things pick up; at other times a slow, gentle swaying with a twirl or two thrown in.

I love to watch my good friend dance. She gives herself over to the song. She does it because she loves it and that shows in every move she makes. She loses herself with purposeful abandon and has the time of her life. Just dance.

Some people are afraid to dance because they might look stupid. Admittedly, some do. But you have to admire their spirit and desire, to the point that they just go do it, regardless of who is watching. Just dance

I imagine God does love to dance. I can see His movements and the joy that He takes in so doing. Especially when we choose to dance with Him. This entire creation we call life is a dance, carefully orchestrated and choreographed by the author of all life. So we should just dance.

Some folks take dance lessons and learn to move gracefully. Others simply move. Some have natural rhythm and has moves like nobody’s business, and some must carefully count the beats and set their minds to do the steps they were shown.

No matter what kind of dancer you are, and we all have a heart to dance, whether you relish the organized dance, or simply enjoy moving to the sounds…just dance.

We are empowering women to recreate their life stories and dance in the fulfillment of their dreams~

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