Just Another Day?

Getting out of bed was a difficult thing to do this morning. Not because it was Monday. Usually my Mondays are free days to run errands, hair appointments and such. Today though, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I am going over past posts, putting some together for a project I’m working on and I suppose wading through all that muck and mire has put me in a bit of a funk.

It doesn’t help either that I compare my life with those folks who (in my opinion) are having a better go of it. I work really hard at NOT comparing myself to others, being grateful for where I am, and thankful for all that I have. I fall short so often.

Today was no different, but then it was. My phone rang this morning, just as I had decided not to participate in many of life’s activities. I thought I would just stay in the stuck place I was and see how it turned out. The call was from a friend who was once a close friend, (my basketball mom friend), and we are reclaiming our friendship. So I took the call. That was a good thing. It turned my negative, woe is me thoughts around and got me heading in the right direction. I do need that sometimes, more often than I care to admit.

Before I set out to run some errands, I checked my email. What I read put my life in perspective. Someone in our home school community was asking for prayers for a family because their thirteen year old daughter had taken her life. I don’t know this family personally, however, I do know families who do. How very tragic. How very sad.

There was a post from the mother of the girl who took her life. She was encouraging people not to take their loved ones for granted. I heeded her plea, for today anyway, and put my eyes on others, my family included.

The Boston Marathon situation drove it all home. What a senseless act of horror. We do not know how long we (or those we love) have on this earth. As I pray for those affected by these tragedies, I once again commit in my heart to seize the day and put others above myself.

Peace to you all.

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