Journey of a Thousand Miles

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I know this is true. But I have a question about this journey; What if, on this one thousand mile journey, you have a misstep? What then? Do you go back and start all over again?

journey, stay on the journey, God knows, When you don't know the purpose

But what if you don’t know exactly which step was the one that led you down the wrong path. Then what?

In life, we don’t get do-overs

Are there do-overs in the journey of a thousand miles? And what if we were given this second chance? Would we recognize the path which we should not have chosen in the first place? Would we instinctively know which step or set of footprints are the ones we should avoid?

Moot points, all of it. I get that. I can’t help but to think of a few special people who may have chosen a different path if they could.

Debi who lost her young child.

Jan’s children who lost their mother too soon.

Shelbi, the young woman who was diagnosed with MS.

Eugene who lost his wife after a long battle with cancer.

The list is endless~

This leads me to another thought…I listen to so many stories of people who seem to know where their journey went awry. They can even find the gratitude in the situation. But, if every act, situation or event, no matter how horrific or painful, has a purpose, one that will ultimately lead to good things, generally for more than just the person involved, what if after…er…let’s say 57 years, you still don’t know what the purpose is? What if you don’t understand the purpose behind the events after years and years of searching?

What then?

Does that make you some kind of freak? And what if after, let’s say 57 years, of trying to figure out what you have failed to see so far, you just decide to do it all again tomorrow?

Does that make you a weakling?

Because that’s sort of where I find myself today. Hey, why not be brutally honest? That’s where I find myself AGAIN today. Blindly believing that even though I am no closer to knowing the purpose behind the tragic and sad events, there is still a God who does. A God who cares. A God who thinks of you and me more each day than outnumber the grains of sand on the earth.

I think perhaps, that’s makes me a Christ-follower. I think it makes you one too. No closer to knowing the purpose on this earth, but a step closer to spending eternity with the God who does know.

As long as you stay on the journey.

For that reason alone, let us take another step.


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