Jesus and The Bunny

I have many happy memories of Easter as a child. We often spent it with my grandparents who lived about 80 miles from our town. We would make the trip to their house usually on Friday or Saturday and wake up at there on Easter morning.

My grandmother made the whole bunny thing kind of fun for a kid. This exonerated her from the traditionally-given over sized chocolate covered fruit and cream filled egg she ALWAYS gave my brothers and me.

As soon as I arose and began looking for the Easter basket the bunny had left somewhere around her house, on one of her porches was the likely place, unless it was an unusually cool morning, and then he somehow made his way inside to hide it where we would be warm and cozy (thoughtful bunny, that he or she was), my grandma would always tell me that I just missed him. That she just saw him hopping down the road to the other Laurie Jo’s house, and that if I hurried to the door where she stood looking out, I might see him too. Such sweet memories of my grandma.

The real reason we celebrate Easter.
Although I do still buy candy for my grown kids, I have long since left behind the visions of bunnies delivering goodies.
We attended Easter Service on Friday evening. We go to a mega church and they added several services over the weekend to accommodate the many people who don’t regularly attend. Kyle Idleman, the Teaching Pastor of Southeast Christian Church said something that I never really think about much.
I always equated Easter as a celebration of Jesus conquering death and the grave. Awesome stuff, that. Kyle said, however, and sort of in passing, that Easter is a celebration of us. It is a celebration of our new life…because of the gift of life given to us by Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and arose victoriously!
Kyle also reminded us that when Jesus hung on the cross and was taunted to save Himself, by the many people who had gathered to watch him die, that Christ couldn’t save Himself and save us. That hit me fresh and new.
He chose to save us.

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  1. And aren’t we given the same kind of choice daily….do what’s good for me, or what’s best for someone else. Dying to self.


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