It’s My Choice

I wasn’t going to post today. I was kind of in a what’s-the-point, nobody-cares-anyway kind of mode. But then a friend sent me a text.

Today is a really nice day, weather wise. The skies are a vibrant blue and the humidity is low. The perfect day for missing my house. I think of all the things I would be doing, could be doing if I was still living there. I miss my yard, my flowers, my garden…

Here is the text I received. It is from a study Bible she has. “Job was not meant to know the explanation of his sufferings. Some things about human suffering God cannot possibly explain to us at the time without destroying the very purpose they were designed to fulfill. God’s purpose was to bring Job to the end of his own self-righteousness, self-vindication and self-wisdom, so he could find his all in God.”

Did God cause Job’s suffering? Did God allow Job’s suffering? I don’t have the answers to those questions. Here is what I do know; there is suffering in this world. I don’t know why, I just know there is…plenty of suffering.

Perhaps our goal, our very purpose for being here in the first place is to let God redeem those things and turn them around for good. That doesn’t mean we have to like it or that we can’t wish for something different; our former lives with all things (and people) lost.

Bad things happen to everybody. It’s okay to hate it, question God and even be mad at Him for not going along with our plans. And it isn’t even expected of me to get over it. I can choose to let it affect me or allow God to use it for good. It’s my choice.

This somehow brings me comfort.

life…just saying

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  1. I have had the same feelings, like we can’t all know all the answers but we can be comforted by other journeys. Thanks for your beautiful testimony! 🙂


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