It Was Enough

Funny how some days just get emotional, like out of the blue, for no apparent reason. Sunday was like that for me, but something small happened that was enough to fill my heart.

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The day started in a good way, a connection with a loved one of my dear friend Jan, who left this world last year.

The church service was good as Kyle continued to talk about the Gift of Desperation.

I wrapped up a fun 24 hours with my dog nephew, Moby.

And I attended the shower of a young woman I’ve known since she was in elementary school, a good friend of my daughter. My how time flies. It was good seeing the faces of those I haven’t seen in a while, hugging them and exchanging news of families and growing kids.

I’m not going to lie, I left the shower with a feeling of sadness that I didn’t quite get. I know enough about sadness (or any emotion for that matter) to know that feelings are just feelings. They don’t have to make sense, they don’t have to have anything to do with intellect and they definitely won’t last forever. I know too, that experiencing feelings and staying with them usually leads to self-awareness and promotes personal growth, and oftentimes spills over to other relationships.

Sunday, one tiny thing was enough.

I returned home from the bridal shower to sit and ponder the events of the day; happy times, good food and meaningful re-connections. My daughter was sitting outside as well and asked me if I had read the latest Facebook post from my son, the one in Slovakia. I asked her to read it aloud.

It was filled with events of the past week and some upcoming plans. I always enjoy his updates.

A little later I re-read his post on my phone and happened to see a few comments. I read an exchange that was enough to cause a tear to run down my cheek…okay, maybe a few tears and both cheeks were definitely involved. Someone had complimented his writing and he replied: “I think I get that from my mom”.

That was it. That was enough.

It was enough to help me realize that I was missing my boys, him and his brother who moved away six weeks ago.

It was enough to help me grieve a little bit more of those rapid-fire days of childhood now gone. Wasn’t it just yesterday when this bride-to-be was hanging at my house, spending time playing games, baking cookies, doing hair and watching movies all night with my daughter?

It was enough to help me know that no matter the distance, hearts can still connect.

It was enough to make me grateful for time spent with family and friends even when they are gone, whether it be to a far away country or from this world altogether.

It was enough to remind me that time stands still for no one, and living in the present, fully engaged is the only way to do life.

It was enough for that day.

Because this feeling too shall pass and there will be more to come.

The happy.

The sad.

The missing.

The excitement.

The connections.

But today?

Today it was enough.

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