Insomnia… and What I Did

In the words of Elton John, “It’s 4:00 in the morning *dang it”. *I took the liberty of changing the words to a more family friendly version. And technically it’s 3:07, but why am I still awake? I was up at 6:30, so what’s the deal? I’m tired. I want to sleep…I don’t like insomnia.

I spent a few hours at one of my favorite places in the world Wednesday…my deceased grandparents’ farm. I’ve written about it before. The house has been sitting empty for eight years, still full of a lot of stuff they collected during their 80+ years of life. I went with my mom and a friend to go through some things. My friend is restarting her business of buying and selling antiques, vintage, retro and anything else that catches her fancy. I am joining her in this venture. It’s kind of fun!

So why can’t I sleep? Why am I plagued by insomnia tonight? I don’t know really. It was a day of mixed emotions. I mentioned earlier that their farm is one of my favorite places in the world. It is and it isn’t. It was one of my favorite places in the world when my grandparents were still living. It is one of my favorite places in my mind, the memories I hold, and will always revisit.

After I returned home I was left with a loneliness that was a bit overpowering, and unexplainable. I had an intense longing for…I really don’t know. I felt like I was missing something that I never really had, not really connected with my grandparents’ place. Kind of weird but I’ve felt that before.

So why am I still awake? What is up with this bout of insomnia? Still don’t know the answer to that one. All my peeps are home safe and sound. I have tried a few different places to sleep but to no avail.

I have read, prayed, paced, played a game or two, grabbed a little snack, and prepared some labels for shipping a few books I sold on Amazon, and here I sit.

 (This is not what I ate, just for the record.)

Is anybody else awake?

I want to sleep.

I need to sleep.

I have a job to do in the morning. I have books to pack so I can go to the post office. I have nieces coming. I have dinner to cook because my son’s girlfriend will be here. I have to go to the bank, and the grocery. I really don’t have time NOT to sleep. But here I am. I have blogging and Twittering, and studying about blogging and Twittering and other social media type things to do

Signing off now. Wishing you a peaceful sleep as I attempt to join you in slumber-ville. Here I go again.


7 thoughts on “Insomnia… and What I Did”

  1. Insomnia is the worst! I’ve been to our former house before and it doesn’t quite feel the same–you kinda want to remember it in your mind with rose-colored glasses, because it’s a realize check when you see places without the same people you love and cherish there.

    I hope you finally were able to get to sleep! Stopping by from The SITS girls!

  2. Ick, I know the feeling. I’ve struggled with insomnia nearly my whole life, this is a daily (nightly?) problem for me. I have trouble getting to sleep, I have trouble staying asleep, and I’m a really light sleeper. I’m also NOT a morning person and I have young kids, so I get little sleep at night and still have to get up early every day. I think I’m just going to be really tired for the next 10 or 20 years!

    Thanks for stopping by my place today 🙂


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