As I mentioned last week, I have a podcast, Chasing Hard. I can hardly believe it is already two and a half months old! I have talked with some lovely people about some hard topics.

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My first guest was Elizabeth Laing Thompson. She was a beautiful first guest, so gracious and forgiving of the newness of it all. Our conversation was good. We talked about the struggles to get pregnant. I hope you listen to her story. You can do so here. Here openness and transparency about the stress surrounding infertility were refreshing. I could relate on a few levels.

I too struggled with infertility issues. My husband and I were married ten years before I became pregnant. I was only on birth control pills for the first six months of our marriage. I didn’t like the side effects so I stopped taking them, and besides, I wanted to be a mother, even though we were barely making it in our one-bedroom, $200-a-month apartment at the time. Think early 1980s.

I know the stabbing pain every month to discover I wasn’t pregnant. All of my friends were on their second and third children. The clock was ticking and I wanted to be a mother in the most desperate way. The frustration of wanting something so badly and knowing there wasn’t a single thing I could do to make it happen is beyond words. I know so many women are in that boat today.

I have heard that infertility is at an all-time high. According to CNN infertility affects 1 in 6 people world wide. (source) That’s a staggering stat.

My heart breaks for all the women who have known the pain of infertility but never got to experience becoming a mother. I am in awe of the women who decided to adopt after experiencing infertility and those who adopted after having biological children and all those in between.

Being a parent has it’s challenges but it is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I hope you listen to Elizabeth Laing Thompson’s story here.

Let me know your thoughts and how I can pray for you.

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