What if you could imagine a life that is far different than the one you have right now. What would that look like?

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I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the life you are living. I’m not saying that at all. Perhaps you enjoy your life, your relationships, your career.

But what if you could imagine living the dream you’ve always had but continued throughout your life to deem Ā impossible and unimportant? What would your life look like instead? What is that dream?

What if there were no limits; time, money, energy? What would you be doing that you’re not already doing now?

Imagine you are that kid who knew no limits, who only knew what they wanted to be and do and hadn’t yet bought into the lie that tells them they can’t. I wonder how that would change things for you.

Did you know that by the age of six we have been given enough information, we have heard enough messages that will mold us into the people we are to be forever? Unless we intentionally set out to change the way we think. By age six most of us have already developed a belief system that will influence every decision we will ever make-whether we are aware of it or not.

That can be a good thing.

Oftentimes it’s not.

Can you imagine believing that all things are possible? Can you believe that although you can’t have it all, or do it all at the same time, you CAN know your values, which will assist you in making life decisions and get you started on the path to live the life you’ve only dreamed of?

This comes by intentional living. It doesn’t just happen. It takes work and commitment.

It takes people to help you in ways you need and people to hold you accountable to do the things you want or decide to do.

I am honored to be able to do just that every day, helping other women rediscover the dreams they let die, and imagine the life they want. I help them to begin to dream and create the lives they desire.

Just imagine what that would look like in your life.

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