I’m Late!

I’m late to the game. I usually am, which is really kind of weird for me because I’m actually a very punctual person. Being early is good. Being on time is late, and being late? Well that’s not happening in my life! Just ask my kids~

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But here’s the deal…I want to be Dr. Brene’ Brown.  I recently heard of TED Talks. Someone mentioned Brene’ Brown’s YouTube vid from TED Talk, so I Googled it!

In case you don’t know what TED Talk is: it’s a nonpartisan non-profit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. TED began in 1984 (I’m so late)  as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design  converged, and today covers almost all topics–from science to business to global issues–in more than 110 languages.

According to her website, BreneBrown.com, she  is a research professor (Researcher+Storyteller) at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past thirteen years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame.

She put into words so many things that have been tumbling around in my head.

But here’s the real deal, I don’t really want to be Brene’ Brown. I want to be me, thanks, in part to what I have heard her say and what I’ve read, but mostly, because of God and the power He has to take things meant for harm and turn them around for good.

I’ve never really wanted to just be me before but that’s another topic. I’m getting ahead of myself~

November 4, 2015 was a pivotal day in my life. Perhaps it was the most pivotal day of all. Not only was it the day of my dear friend Jan’s burial,  but another important event took place in my life that day. One that most people don’t even know about.

There are a handful of close family and friends that do know about it. Most who do, don’t really get it. They can’t. Truthfully, it’s taken me this long to begin to understand the impact of exactly what that day meant in my life.

The information that Dr. Brene’ Brown shares has helped me to begin to form actual words for the emotions, thoughts and experiences that I have had since November 4, 2015, and all the days leading up to that date.

Brene’ Brown says some may call it a breakdown, the things she learned and experienced after her research on the subjects of shame, vulnerability, worthiness, connection and courage, but she has come to see it as a spiritual awakening.

Me too, Brene, me too…

I have had a breakdown spiritual awakening myself.

For this post I will leave it at that, but I’ll throw these five gems in for good measure.

  1. Things aren’t always what they seem.
  2. It ain’t over till it’s over.
  3. God has a purpose.
  4. Just do the next thing.
  5. Rest in what you know.

And it wouldn’t hurt to take time to breathe, relax and color!




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