I’m Here!

What a nice drive from Tuscaloosa to New Orleans. I had a great visit with my friend and travel partner. Something about spending 4 hours in a car with a person. It can definitely lead to stimulating conversations. It was a pleasure.

This is my third visit to New Orleans. The first time was when I was a child. My family and I strolled the French Quarter, as a via point while on vacation, that is until we spotted a sight unfit for the eyes of children, while walking along Bourbon Street. The tour quickly ended, and we left this exciting city, to where, I don’t remember…something a little less adventurous and more family-oriented, I’m sure, but apparently less memorable.

My second trip to New Orleans occurred 5 years ago, almost 1 year after Katrina. I was a chaperone for a youth mission trip. We spent the week gutting houses. It was in the middle of July. It was an uncomfortable trip for various reasons, yet one I will never forget.
The main difference I noticed while driving through the city today compared to 5 years ago is that the last time I was here it was a ghost town. There was no traffic because there was no town. Today, however, proved to be a different experience. Although I still saw signs of the devastation from the hurricane, there was also a lot of cars on Interstate 10, and plenty of people working and walking the downtown streets.

My friend left for her conference shortly after we checked- in, and I set about doing what I had planned to do this afternoon…reading, and working on my blog. Tomorrow I will revisit some of the sights I saw 5 years ago, and take a photo or two in the process. For now…the view from our room…

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