I Was a Model For a Minute

As I mentioned before, my husband does some modeling jobs. He has people walking up to him all the time telling him they saw him on television.

Our oldest son sent him a text just a few days ago asking him if he was in a commercial because he thought he just spotted him. At present, there are two different commercials that he is in, however brief. We have yet to see either one. Maybe that’s because on the rare occasion we do watch television, we watch the recorded version so we can skip the commercials. It’s like the lottery, I suppose, you gotta play to win.

In November my husband was going to an audition in Indianapolis. The agency he is affiliated with told him to bring his kids because they were not only looking for individuals, but for families as well. What the heck, my husband and I, and two of our three children made the trip.

The audition consisted of filling out your ID info, holding a sign in front of you (sort of like a mug shot, though I have no personal experience with that), pose like they tell you as they take two pictures, and you’re out of there. They also took a photo of the four of us together. Done.

They were going to start filming the commercial the first week of December, so we were suppose to hear within two weeks if any (or all) of us got the job. We never heard. So we forgot about it.

Admittedly I am not especially photogenic. Maybe twenty percent of the pics I am in come out to my satisfaction. It’s something about my smile…

About two weeks ago my husband came home from work and was sitting in the same room as I was, when he got a phone call. It was Josh from the agency. I heard my husband say, “I don’t know. I’ll ask her.” He looked at me and mouthed, “You got the job.” Get out of here! Josh told him he would contact me the next day with the specs.

Josh did indeed call the next day. He told me that they neglected to tell him that I was one of two that the company was considering for the job. He thought it (I) was a done deal. They went with the other woman.

I was a little disapponited. But like Josh said, “Not bad for your first time out, without really even trying.” I concurred.

Life is indeed like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

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