I Found It!

I found my grandmother’s bowl as I continued to unpack all the boxes that have been in storage for over a year. I wasn’t sure what had happened to it, so it was with a sigh of relief that I unwrapped this dish.

As you can see it’s a no-big-deal kind of bowl. Just a regular bowl. In fact, I’m not sure I even remember my grandma using  this particular item, so I have no memory attached sentiments about it. But after she passed away EVERYTHING became important. During the get rid of/keep-it process that always follows after the death of a loved one, I took as much of my grandparents things as I thought I could successfully house without crossing over into the land of creepiness. I had to let a lot of things go.

My grandma had a chair sitting beside this chifforobe. As a child I would sit in this spinning-rocking chair and watch myself in the mirror.  Chifforobe. Now there’s an interesting word. I never even knew that was a real word until after she passed away. I thought that was just a word of the region…a colloquialism of sorts.

These are a few things I kept that belonged to my grandparents. Not because they are worth much monetarily, simply because they were theirs.



The interesting thing about this framed cross stitched picture is the black mat around it. My grandmother made this mat out of construction paper…very old, yellow-taped construction paper, with uneven edges. My grandma was ahead of her time, I suppose.
My house is not filled with a lot of shiny new things that all coordinate nicely together, but instead with things that give me a sense of roots, a sense of family. And even though these things aren’t in the best condition, I kinda like it that way.


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  1. What a wonderful post. I think it’s nice to have things from family members. It absolutely gives you a sense of roots, as you’ve said. Family is everything and it’s nice to hold onto those things whether they are matchy-matchy or not. I actually much prefer the non-matching sentimental things!


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