Becoming a Man

I originally wrote this on March 8, 2012. I went looking for it because I wanted to re-read what I had written about my son becoming a man. I wanted to see how exactly he handled this situation two years ago. I like what I read. I like it even more because he has continued along these lines. I like the man he is becoming. He has a maturity that, quite frankly, has me a bit stumped. I wonder where this came from?
I am reposting it today.
growing up

I don’t usually brag on my kids, not because they don’t deserve it, that’s just how I roll. But my 15 year old has kinda blown me away over the past 24 hours.

His girlfriend, (his best friend) broke up with him over the weekend. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, right? She wants to remain friends with him though because that’s how they started out. And he has agreed to explore this with her.

Right after the break-up took place a friend of mine told me she had heard that my son and his ex-girlfriend had talked and decided they are going to ramian really good friends now. It sounds so simple put that way, yet so very difficult to act on.

This is what amazes me…he has decided to put aside his feelings of being dumped by a girl; he has decided to forsake the male ego and put aside his pride and honor the relationship; honor the friendship; honor the girl. He is putting aside the hurt that he feels (and there is still some hurt) and put her feelings above his own because he cares about the friendship they had.

He doesn’t realize what kind of person it takes to do something like this. He doesn’t understand the integrity it takes to be willing and open to go down this path.

And that’s what makes it so very special.

My son is becoming a man.


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