I Did it Again!

I went to Thunder Over Louisville yesterday. This is the kick off for the Kentucky Derby. My son and his friend met up with two friends from Indiana, so we hung on the Indiana side of the Ohio River.
It was a coolish day with the highs in the lower 50s. Last year I froze pretty much all day. It was cloudy and colder last year. I borrowed a friends Cuddl Duds this year and what a difference that made! Cuddl Duds are the bomb!
I had some hesitation about going to the fireworks show this year, due to the Boston Marathon tragedy. How sad that we live in a world such as this. My mind was put at ease (somewhat) by the extra security measures that were taken this year.

There was a silly individual setting off firecrackers among the crowd during the day. Along came fourteen officers who confiscated a backpack full of bottle rockets. The crowd cheered.

As usual the show was worth the eight and a half hours that we waited, as boring as it was. Good thing I like to people watch, I guess. (Why would a woman yank a toddler around on a leash?)

Not sure I’ll make it next year, but we’ll see!

4 thoughts on “I Did it Again!”

  1. I have always wanted to attend the Kentuck Dirby. Attending the kick off sounds fun, but an eight hour wait is long. I would have done the same thing. I like your pictures.


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