How Do You Spend Your Time?

How Do You Spend Your Time?

How we spend our time is what I am pondering.

How we spend our days,

How we spend our lives.

This is how I spent my day. My son, my mother and I drove 80 miles south of our city to the empty house that was the home of my grandparents for close to a half of a century. We met my friend and her two sons (had to have some muscles there) to unload all the left behind antique, vintage and retro furniture that filled the rooms of this house that I loved. I cherish those times I spent at the farm visiting my grandparents.

The house is being emptied and that is a good thing, a much needed thing. We have been sifting through the stuff for a while now, throwing so much away, and preparing the rest for a sale or two. I can’t help but to reflect upon those times I hold so close.

The lives that my grandparents lived here on Earth are slowly being erased. Oh, the memories will live on, for a time anyway, as long as those of us who knew them are still alive. And the bloodline continues as well, though the name will not; but the life that they built together, that young bride and groom just starting out so many years ago, is gone, and the proof of their existence, as far as stuff goes anyway, is fading away with every piece of furniture, every bag of trash, and every box of stuff being carted out.

And that is life.

That is where we are all headed.

This life that means so much, and the stuff that takes up so much of our time is ebbing and flowing and going away.

For someday in the future, distant or not, that will be my stuff, my home, my life.

And yours.

How we spend our time is what matters most.